Day 1 – Joyce Rockwood

How Essential Oils Can Help With Emotional Eating!

Joyce is a gut health coach, Gravity-Based Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, doTERRA Essential Oils educator/distributor, and high-vibing example of radiant well-being –– inside and out.

A holistic healthcare practitioner since 1999, Joyce has devoted herself to teaching her proprietary method of healing from the inside out so her clients can attain astounding physical and emotional health and improve mood and mindset. Having owned and operated multiple New York City wellness studios, served as Director of Colon Hydrotherapy at DTLA’s The Springs, and administered over 20,000 colonics, Joyce has guided thousands of individuals to lead more productive, joyous, and healthy lives. 

Joyce works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and busy parents to embody up-leveled iterations of longevity and optimal well-being. A straight-shooter who oozes ooey-gooey optimism from her every radiant pore, Joyce walks her talk, practices what she preaches, and embodies the philosophies about which she so passionately educates others.

Joyce was the Executive Producer of “Plant-Based Champions,” a global online show featuring interviews with twenty-one of the world’s most influential plant-based luminaries. She has been featured in Well+Good, Harper’s Bazaar, and GOOP, among other publications, served as an expert speaker for numerous global online summits, and collaborated with The Natalia Rose Institute’s Detox the World. She coaches individuals and families, and leads employee engagement programs on gut health, detoxification, and proper nourishment including essential oils, and all things doTERRA as a natural form of healthcare. Joyce lives in Phoenix – by way of New York – where she loves to swim, bike, bounce on her trampoline, and inspire others to thrive and, of course, age in reverse!

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  1. Hello everyone!!! Thank you for coming to watch Day 1 of the Peace With Food Series! I really enjoyed doing this interview with Joyce and walked away with so much more knowledge than I came in with. I hope you find something to take away from it as well. I look forward to hearing everyones feedback and thoughts from this interview. Please drop your comments below!

    • Wonderful!! I really enjoyed listening in! Very vibrant soul, and I just loved this!

      • That is so great to hear Kirsten! Thank you! I’d like to make sure we can connect and I can support you with learning more about how to heal your body from the inside out. Please enjoy my free Top Ten Gut Loving Tips so you can begin to feel like you’re aging in reverse!

  2. Well-done, very interesting topic! I just learned about doTERRA Essential Oils from one of my friends a couple of weeks ago and started using Peppermint and Grapefruit oils myself, I am in love with these! 🙂

  3. Excellent interview. Fun & informative. I too have just started experimenting with essential oils. Looking forward to receiving Joyce’s top 10!

  4. Thank you for such a great interview! I enjoyed heard this helpful information.! )))Great start!)

  5. Where do I find the download from Joyce? Thanks!

    • Hi Robyn! Are you looking for Joyce’s Top 10 Gut Loving Tips? That download is available on Joyce’s website:

      At the top of her site you submit your email and you should receive it in your email inbox.


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