Day 7 – Maureen Garry

Practical tools to prevent emotional overeating in the situation of stress and anxiety

If you want to reduce the power that food holds over you, gain a shapely figure, boost your brain power and feel younger all in one fell swoop, then you need to meet Maureen Garry, respected nutritionist, trainer and expert in female fat loss – especially for women over 40.

As a woman who has overcome disordered eating and weight struggles of her own, Maureen offers invaluable tools and tactics to help women re-think their relationship with food to peel their extra weight off – and keep it off for good. It is possible for you to enjoy the foods you love and stay slim without struggle. You can lose – or avoid – the “menopause belly” so many women accept as normal, keeping you lean, light and ready to enjoy life. Discover what the “naturally thin” people do, and you’ll be naturally thin, too!

As a gift to our Series guests, she has a 47-page recipe book to help you eat to lose weight in a way that helps you brain to stay healthy, too. It’s called the “Slim Body, Smart Brain Recipe Book” and it’s packed with everything from amazing appetizers to delicious desserts.

It’s made specifically for people who want to eat delicious food that makes them both slim and sharp.

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